Beasts of Burden

Stairs 8First guest post by the finest writer living in my apartment. Welcome to my wife, Emily Culella.

Some paranormal experts believe that natural spaces, wood, dirt, fiber, hold the emotions of the past within their textures. A house, filled with sadness and regret, remains full of these emotions, long after the sad and regretful have died. The house retains the feelings, sunk deep into the rings of its wood, living mini lives and dying mini deaths over and over and over again.

When I was a child, my 5-person family spent summers in Alaska. continue reading…


Voice Box

Spire 8On the second Tuesday of each month, Fitzgerald’s night club in Berwyn, IL hosts a storytelling and music event called Voice Box. There is monthly theme for storytellers to work from, the themes being a song title, which usually reflects the season in some manner. This month’s theme was ‘Ghostbusters.’ Cathy Richardson, a fucking amazing singer, no joke, starts the night out by performing the theme song and then Voice Box founder, Maureen Muldoon, introduces the evening’s speakers. A story is told, either from the hip or pre-written (my comfort) and then Cathy comes back up and performs a song inspired from what she just heard being read, from ‘Rhiannon’ to ‘I’ve Had the Time of My Life’ to the Prentenders’ ‘The Wait’ to some of Cathy’s original. It’s an amazing continue reading…